Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The new server is installed!

We installed the new server yesterday. It has new disk drive technology on it that I have not seen or used before. The drives are very small - the 2.5" size that are used in laptops. They are still hot-swap so they cost an arm and a leg more. We set up the OS and the SQL Server transaction logs on their own mirrored sets on the server itself. For the data we had to go to an external storage enclosure which holds regular sized hot swap drives. The data drives are set up on RAID 1+0 - mirrored sets of a striped set. So even though the drives are 300GB each and we have eight of them, we only have 1.2TB of usable space. We split that into two logical drives of 558GB each - NTFS overhead takes up the rest.

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