Sunday, September 23, 2007

Backup Exec 11d still not perfect

One of the most basic needs of an enterprise is to ensure good backups. I have been using Symantec / Veritas Backup Exec for years. The product has gone through some growth pains lately. We are up to version 11d now.

We rely heavily on our backups. They are critical to the security of the business and the peace of mind of the IT Manager. I don't have to do a restore very often, but when I do, I sure expect the data to be there in a retrievable format.

One annoying little bug discovered this past week is that some mailboxes do not show up in the restore library selection. It seems that Backup Exec will arbitrarily choose which mailboxes in the database it will include for backup.

One of the first orders of business this week is to figure out the cause of the exclusions - there must be a logical reason, right? The product is fully patched with all the latest hotfixes and otherwise seems to work just fine. Symantec touts their product as being the best for protecting Exchange Server. Right now I'm a little bit disappointed in that claim.


Niskey Games said...

Have you found a fix for this yet? Is this an ongoing issue?

How about with Ver 12?


Tim Malone said...

It was resolved in version 12d. The granular restore feature in 11d had some bugs. There were patches available but 12d included them.