Friday, September 28, 2007

No, I'm not that Tim Malone - he's much younger

I noticed my blog finally showed up in Google today. I suppose it's vanity to look yourself up 0n Google, but you really should do it every so often. You may be suprised at what you find there, especially if you're an executive. I have been searching for years especially because I wanted to be sure that all traces of an old website I used to maintain had finally disappered. Yes, you can purge stuff about yourself from Google if you know how to do it.

Don't confuse me with that other Tim Malone computer guy. He's from Australia. He's also 19 years old and I'm a lot older. It looks like he's more successful than me since he already started and sold his first business. By his own admission he's an internet nut and a nerd. I too am an internet nut. My wife has affectionately called me a geek for most of our married life so I have a little in common with my namesake from Australia.

Intrestingly enough, if you Google Tim Malone today, the first web page that shows up is for "Tim Malone, M.Div, is an educator, retreat leader and spiritual director active in the Seattle community for the past 16 years." And then there's "A place called home - My family, our dog Brownie, and I live in South Central Minnesota. We call this home, and though we have lived in other areas, this remains home. Our extended families are here and this is what we know and expect."

So far I'm liking what I see when I Google my own name. These are guys like me who like the internet and like to express themselves creatively. Ah, but then there's the Tim Malone that shows up when you search for me in Google images. That is definately not me as I've never been in a gang or been photographed giving an Aryan salute. It's amazing what you can find when you Google your own name. That's why I had to use TMalone, MCSE on most everything -because my name has been taken.

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