Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Leadership in technology is all about people

One of my favorite headhunters after Nick Corcodilos is Marc Cenedella. He runs The Ladders, a high-end search firm that deluges my mailbox with an email at least every day, sometimes several times a day. Of course he is in business to make money and is always asking me to subscribe to the features I will find on the 'professional' side of his Web site.

Marc has the modern technology marketing concept down. His emails are filled with great content and I find myself reading them even though I am not in the market for a new job. For example, today I received a post from Marc with a great article written by Carmine Gallo who has apparently written and published a book called "Fire Them Up!: 7 Simple Secrets to Inspire Your Colleagues, Customers and Clients."

Here are the seven secrets:

1. Demonstrate Enthusiasm - Constantly.
2. Articulate a Compelling Course of Action.
3. Sell the Benefit.
4. Tell More Stories.
5. Invite Participation.
6. Reinforce an Optimistic Outlook.
7. Encourage Potential.

You'll have to go to his Web site to read more about these secrets. I found myself thinking about my current boss and many of my past bosses over the life of my career. I've worked for a lot of good men and women but sadly, can only think of one or two that really demonstrated leadership.

They may have been a good manager and had skill in one of the above areas but I have never found anyone who did all these things. I wish there were more people who exhibited leadership in the business world. It is sadly lacking and needed, especially in today's work environment.

I've made it a personal mission to try to improve in the seven areas that Mr. Gallo enumerates in dealing with co-workers, sub-ordinates or other professionals. I've determined over the years that it doesn't matter how much I know about technology. What really matters is how people use the technology and how they feel about it.

What do you think? Would you like to see a little more leadership in your workplace?

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