Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where do you buy your laptop memory?

We probably have two dozen laptops in use among our executive, management and sales staff. As all computers do, laptops get old and slow with the growth of a bloated and patched operating system - Windows XP Pro. In order to extend the life of our laptops from three to five years I have been adding more memory where they are not already maxed out. XP Pro runs much better on 1GB than on 512MB and don't even think about running Vista on less than 1GB.

I buy from several vendors on a regular basis for computers, monitors, printers, disk drives, memory, software, office machines and supplies. One vendor that I like for laptop hard drives and memory is Kahlon. While their prices are not the rock bottom, they are reasonable, they have a great web site that is easy to navigate and fairly comprehensive and they provide great customer service. Shipping is not an issue for me as they are just a few miles away in Orange County.

As an example of their great customer service, I was having trouble confirming that a certain piece of Kahlon memory was compatible with the recommended part from HP which of course was literally ten times as much. I kid you not. The price for the same piece of memory on HP's online store was $309 and was only $34 on Kahlon. I emailed a request to confirm that it would work and had an answer within a few hours. What's more the memory worked when it arrived a few days later. Now that's good customer service.

I recommend Kahlon as a great source for laptop memory, hard drives and batteries.

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