Friday, November 16, 2007

Would you pay to remove Vista?

I looked out the front door of my home office a few minutes ago and saw a little car with this magnetic sign on the side: "Why pay hourly? Flat Rate Computer Services"

Being the curious sort of fellow that I am I went to their Web site and was amazed to see that someone is now selling their services to remove Vista. This can't be good publicity for Microsoft.

From the Flat Rate Computer Pros Web site:

Is Microsoft Vista Driving you CRAZY?
Just when you got used to XP, they changed it.
Wish you had XP on that new machine?
Save your sanity SPECIAL!
Remove Vista and install Windows XP on your machine for one FLAT RATE!
Only $150!

I wonder if one of my neighbors is having his copy of Vista removed right now? Just yesterday one of the other managers at the airport asked me for a laptop with Vista. When I submitted it to management for approval the answer came back a resounding no.

I'm glad the boss has been listening and reading my emails. I've told him that I do not intend to update any of the 120 company computers to Vista in 2008 - maybe 2009 when I can't buy XP anymore but not 2008. There's just no good reason to update that I have found.

Microsoft, call me. Convince me that I should sell the boss on Vista. Where are the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages? Why shouldn't we wait for Windows 7, due out in 2010?

Update: Isn't technology amazing? I emailed Daniel at the address on his web site to let him know that I had written a post about his business. When he was done fixing my neighbors computer he came over and asked if I had emailed him. We met, talked and I even got to know my neighbor a little better. Daniel's services were highly recommended by my neighbor. See, technology does help you connect.

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